In 2016 I quit my office job to  dedicate my time and energy towards something that never fails to make my heart full– nourishing people.

I started my bone broth company in memory of my mother & my grandmother. Grandma would make me delicious bone broth soup every time I would visit. I would ask for it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it was always just as good as the time before. I wasn't aware of the healing benefits of my favourite meal back then, just that I craved it, and simply couldn't get enough of it.

When my mom was sick with cancer, I remember having meals with her at the hospital. These meals usually included a beef broth filled with artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, MSG, and refined sodium– poison to any body, let alone a body living with disease.

 Food awareness was not a major concern or priority from what I can remember of that time. Fortunately, it is now.

With this knowledge it is my hope that people will love themselves and their families enough to start making conscious, nurturing, and nourishing decisions when it comes to food. Because your health matters. You matter.

With Love, High Vibes, and a Grateful Heart,

Chrystal Ehrman