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Made With Love

Certified organic and made with clean, local, fresh ingredients, our broth is simmered between 24-50 hours to extract as much nourishing goodness as possible. Dense with nutrients and Collagen, drinking bone broth is a powerful way to support gut health, repair tissues and so much more. 

The Nourisher

Hi! I'm Chrystal Chau, Professional Nourisher and Holistic Nutritional Practitioner.

In 2016 I quit my office job to be able to dedicate my time and energy towards something that never fails to make my heart full; nourishing people. 

I've tried a few different broth companies around town, and they are all good, but yours is exceptional.


I had been suffering from I.B.S./G.I. issues.  With everything that I did to recover, it was not until I added High-Vibe Bone Broth to my daily regimen that my healing kicked into high gear.

Dan P

My daughter drank 500 mls of your chicken yesterday and loved it. She has autism and very selective of what she will eat or drink so it’s a good sign!!


I just want to tell you that your chocobroth is delicious!! I had it this morning & it tastes just like hot chocolate but better & it’s good for you!

Sandy D

I have 3 dogs (2 small and 1 large) the little ones like it over their kibble, but mostly with their wet food. My big dog loves the pawsicles (that is her favourite)!

Shirley Hall

The broth is incredible. I warmed some up in a mug and I can’t describe the feeling. It was like the best hug, soothing and the taste was next level. 

Kyle Williams

I’m so excited to have some of your broth in my fridge again (I’ve tried a few other brands of broth since my first order and yours is absolutely the best!) I truly taste the difference, it just has an entirely different flavour that is much richer.

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