Tallow Poutine

  • Potatoes 
  • High-Vibe Tallow
  • Your favorite seasonings— think garlic, salt, pepper, Montreal steak spice or Msg-free seasoning salt 
  • Cheese curds
  • High-Vibe GF Bone broth gravy
  • A garnish like chives, green onion or parsley, or go all out with a fried egg, beer + bone broth braised pulled pork, fried chicken or steak bites! 



  1. Set oven to 450 degrees, cut your potatoes into your favorite fry size, and place into a bowl
  2. In a small pot on the stove, warm 2-3 TBSPs of High-Vibe Tallow until melted
  3. Pour your melted tallow over top of your fries & mix well, adding in any herbs or spices you please (we love garlic powder, sea salt & pepper)
  4. Arrange on baking trays in a single layer (we like to use parchment for easy clean up) and bake, flipping once until your crisp doneness liking
  5. While fries are baking, add your thawed High-Vibe bone broth gravy to the now empty tallow pot and heat until gentle simmer, then turn to low to keep warm 
  6. Plate up fries, sprinkle cheese curds on top, smother with High-Vibe gravy, and top with whatever garnish or protein is speaking to you!