Love Elixir


L O V E.

My favourite thing in the whole wide world!

Valentines day– A day to celebrate the ones who mean the most to you: family, friends, neighbours, classmates, partners; a day to celebrate SELF! 

I love expressing love through delicious nourishment, so this Valentine's day, I will be whipping up a super-food Love Elixir for me and the hubs to share alongside an assortment of other healthful goodies!

This elixir is chock FULL of nutritive love– Chocobroth, with minerals for energy and vibrancy, collagen for healthy tissue and glowing skin, amino acids for gut health, reishi mushrooms  for heart health, schizandra to relieve stress and promote longevity, and cinnamon to help boost thermal energy, metabolism and circulation! Love... in a cup!


1 bag of High-Vibe Health Chocobroth

2 Tsp of Reishi mushroom powder, or a mushroom blend powder

1/2 tsp of Schizandra powder

A dash or 3 of cinnamon, depending on how spicy you like it!

2 Tbsp Collagen peptide powder– optional, as there's already whole food collagen in the Choco, but extra collagen is not such a bad thing :)

Warm your Chocobroth gently on the stove, whisking in your super-food powders. Once blended well, pour into mugs and enjoy with a beaming heart!