Fastest Big Bowl of Pho



I'm part Asian, which means I spent a lot of my youth crushing instant noodle soup.

Like A LOT. Yes, I ate a ton of bone broth at my grandmas, but I also ate a ton of packaged, artificially flavoured and coloured, preservative, refined sodium, and MSG STUFFED instant noodles at home. And guess what happened... In my early 20's, I developed a pretty severe food sensitivity to MSG. We're talking full body sweats, heart palpitations, tunnel vision, inability to concentrate, can't see, can't drive, full blown panic attack, 'I am going to die' symptoms from MSG consumption. 

Yes, MSG is a neurotoxin. What exactly does this mean? Well google defines a neurotoxins as "a toxin that is destructive to nerve tissue. Neurotoxins are an extensive class of exogenous chemical neurological insults that can adversely affect function in both developing and mature nervous tissue."

Should we be consuming these exogenous chemicals? Absolutely not. 

You can imagine how developing this sensitivity (and learning all about neurotoxins in nutrition school) impacted my life... no more instant noodles, no more wonton soup, no more PHO?! 

Fast forward 10 years, and now I'm eating allllll the homemade "instant" noodle soups, wonton soups and pho I want; and for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, and it's organic AND made with bone broth!

Basically, I started this bone broth biz to be able to eat healthy noodle soups all day long. 

I also made it for you too :)

Here is one of my favourite ways to make a big bowl of super nourishing, gut supporting, bone remineralizing, joint reinforcing, skin rejuvinating, hair and nail strengthening, immunity aiding Pho bone broth soups! 


Things you'll need:

-A bag or more of Organic, High-Vibe Bone broth

-Noodles- I prefer gluten-free- usually a rice noodle, brown rice noodle, pea and bean starch noodle, or those yummy millet and brown rice ramen noodles from Costco... tofu noodles... kelp noodles if you're keto!

Things I love adding:



-Onion or spring onion

-Bok Choy, spinach or any leafy green


-Bean sprouts


-Frozen peas

-Any left over fresh, frozen or cooked veggies from your fridge/freezer!

-Herbs– especially cilantro, basil or mint

-Leftover chicken, beef, pork, fish, prawns or tofu

-HOT SAUCE! I switch it up all the time, but my current fav is hot chili oil!

-Hoisin sauce

-Tamari or Bragg's amino 

-Toasted sesame oil

-A squeeze of lime

My husband often adds nothing. Just Straight up broth & noods. Oh, and Frank's hot sauce.

What to do:

Add as much or little Pho bone broth to your pot & bring to a simmer

While broth is heating, grab your veggies and start slicing thin and throwing into the pot

Add Noodles & protein

By the time your broth is at a simmer, your soup should be good to go!

Add your herbs and any seasonings to taste, and enjoy your super healthy, best kind of instant–but in fact already simmered for 48 hours or more- bone broth noodle soup!