Earl Grey Bone Broth Tea



Yup, you read that right, Bone Broth Tea. Chef & nutritionist, Darian Pestell came up with this recipe for us because she's a weirdo. I can call her that because she's my friend, and is also wildly beautiful, talented, brilliant, sweet af, hilarious, and her weirdness only enhances these qualities.

I love the taste of Earl grey tea– it brings back fond memories of my mom drinking piles of it out of a gold rimmed cat tea cup I picked out as a gift for her birthday one year. 

I'm hyper-sensitive to caffeine, so for this particular recipe, I found a decaf Earl grey to use!

Cozy up friends, you're in for a new kinda tea that'll make you wish you were friends with my girl Darian. 

2/3 C High-Vibe bison or beef bone broth
1 1/3 C filtered water
2 tbsp loose leaf earl grey tea*
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 - 2 tbsp honey** 
pinch of mineral salt 
Recipe notes:
* Feel free to use decaffeinated earl grey tea to keep this recipe caffeine free.
I haven't tried making this recipe with tea bags, however I would imagine that 2-3 tea bags would probably work just as good!
** Can substitute with maple syrup instead of honey
 In a medium sized sauce pan, heat broth and water just until simmering. Add in loose leaf tea and remove from heat. Let steep for 4 minutes. Strain tea leaves from the tea, and stir in vanilla extract, honey and a pinch of salt. 
Serve hot or pour over ice! 
Enjoy and don't forget that cookies are always a nice addition to every tea party!