Incorporating Ghee into Your Diet

We use Ghee, specifically Blissful Living Ghee, almost every day. This ultimate Ayurvedic superfood is your healthy substitution for butter and oil! ⁠

What is Ghee? 

Ghee is a derivative of butter, with no lactose or milk proteins and believe it, or not - it’s a superfood! I love Blissful Living’s Ghee because it's made my clarifying certified organic Canadian butter on a very slow open flame until it is completely caramelized. This process gives ghee a very high smoke point, rich & nutty flavour along with an excellent nutritional profile.⁠

Here's how we use ghee in our household: ⁠

  • Cook our eggs in it for breakfast, and slather it on organic sourdough⁠
  • Dallop into a cup of bone-broth!
  • Make rice using bone broth instead of water, and a couple of spoonfuls of ghee for delicious flavour and texture!⁠
  • Add a heaping tsp to a warm mug of broth for some super healthy fat⁠
  • Roast, BBQ & Sautee alllll the vegetables - Ghee is safe to use at higher temperatures!⁠
  • Make Bulletproof coffees⁠
  • Curries... ghee and curries are made for each other!⁠

Get your locally made, organic ghee at the Broth-Shop today!⁠