How to use High-Vibe Bone broth

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Ever wonder how you can incorporate the healing benefits of bone broth into your diet on the daily?

Well here it is- I've compiled a list of all of the health-inspired ways you can use your mineral-rich goodness to help replenish and restore your body, so you can help look and feel your very best!

Drink up!

  • Warm, season to taste and sip from a mug- this is great for cleanses, fasting, or intermittent fasting!

  • Add a big spoonful of grass-fed, cultured butter or virgin coconut oil- sip from a mug for a healthy fat packed snack in between meals, a before bedtime soother, or pour into your travel mug for a quick to-go snack

  • As base for your favourite soups- think beet borscht, split pea and ham, msg-free wonton, Italian wedding, lentil, beef barley, hot and sour, creamy cauliflower, Thai coconut curry, Summer gazpacho, hearty hamburger, or PHO! 

  • As a base for your favourite slow simmered stews

  • As a base for meat or vegetarian chili

  •  As a base for exotic curries

For brothspiration on the above 4 points, check out images at the top of the page!

  • Added into your daily smoothie

  • Blended with a milk substitute, cacao powder, and sweetener of choice for a mineral-rich hot chocolate- top with coconut whipped cream for an extra special treat!

  • Whisk into a roux of High-Vibe tallow and GF flour to make gut-friendly gravy

  • In place of water to make your grains such as rice, quinoa, barley, millet or risotto

  • Thickened up with organic corn starch or arrowroot powder, garlic and organic soy sauce for a healthy stir fry sauce

  • As baby’s first sippable food!

  • Made into baby formula- see Dr. Westin A. Price’s recipe!

  • Pureed with fruit or veg for baby’s first solid foods

  • Frozen into cubes & stuffed into mesh bags for teething little ones to help reduce inflammation

  • Mashed or pureed with sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, parsnips, etc.

  • Season, pour into ice cube trays & add to your Caesar cocktail!

  • As a hangover cure! Chug it to replace those minerals displaced by alcohol!

  • Blended into pureed salsas, dips, pates and spreads

  • Added to starchy pasta dishes or gnocchi to make a sauce

  • Cooked with oatmeal for a sweet & savoury cooked or baked breakfast/breakfast squares

  • To deglaze your cooking pan

  • Added to the bottom of a roasting pan for instant pan juice, or use for a yummy braising liquid

  • Blended with fruit and frozen into popsicle molds- this is great for kids for a sugar-free, immune enhancing treat, sore throats, for people who are in the hospital or bed-ridden, for flus or colds!

The options are endless- With a bit of creative spark, and some playful imagination, you'll be able to come up with your own family favourite High-Vibe brothcipes! 

Happy Nourishing!