De-constructed Wonton Soup

 I've never in my life been able to find a good wonton soup while eating out that wasn't made with conventionally raised pork, gluten, MSG (which gives me symptoms ranging from: dizziness, heart palpitations, a general loss of touch with reality, raw tongue, panic attacks, and the feeling like i'm going to pass the eff out- travelling China was a nightmare), GMO soya, excess sodium, and artificial colourings, flavourings, and yadda yadda yadda... so I decided to make my own... with bone broth, of course!

Prepare yourself for the fastest, cleanest meal in modern Asian history, folks. 

Okay, so you know I don't measure anything, so this is a rough recipe of how I put this de-constructed wonton soup together... see what I just did there :p

I'm not sure on the serving size, so I'll just say it makes A LOT.

What you'll need-ish:

-1.5 Lbs of organic ground pork (feel free to use chicken, turkey, beef or whatever you fancy)

-Sprinkling of Organic, GF soya sauce, tamari, or Bragg's

-3 Litres of bone broth- I used 1L turkey, 1L chicken & 1L bison... you do you!

-1 Inch thumb of fresh, organic ginger, peeled and shredded

-2 Organic carrots, cut on a diagonal for asian flare!- LEAVE THE SKIN ON! None of this peeling please- Fibre is life.

-Organic Bok Choy, roughly chopped... Use a little, use a lot. Use your instincts.

-2 BIG handfuls Organic Shiitake mushrooms, woody stems removed- you can save and use for a veggie, mushroom, or beef broth). Caps can be kept large, or cut in half

-Can of water chestnuts, drained & rinsed

-Small can of sliced bamboo shoots, drained & rinsed

-Organic green onion, sliced on a diagonal

-NOODLES! I used 1 pgk of fettucine tofu noodles (see pic below). They're delicious. I found them at Superstore in the fridge section of the organic isle; they're very cost effective, low carb, and a little bit goes a long way. I'd say the texture is like a rice noodle. Feel free to use brown rice noodles, glass noodles, or any GF noodle.

-Organic sesame oil

-Organic sriracha- optional

-A big ol' bowl, spoon, and a pair of chopstix


What to do-ish:

-Use a large pot to brown your pork over medium heat. You usually won't need to add any fat, because there will be enough rendering out of the ground meat.

-If there is an excess of fat, you may drain some, if not, carry on.

-Add grated ginger & stir.

-When the meat looks nicely browned, and cooked through- remember browning = flavour, add a squirt of soya to the meat (maybe a tsp, or 2- you can always add more at the end if needed) and stir to season pork. 

-Add your bone broth and turn up the heat to bring to a simmer.

-Add all the veg (carrots, greens, mushrooms, water chestnuts, bamboo & green onion), simmer for 5 mins or so.

-Add noodles. These will cook up quick in 1-3 mins if using tofu or rice noodles.  If using other, more dense noodles, cook ahead of time in separate pot of water.

-Season to taste with sesame oil and sriracha & eat the glorious goodness you created!

End Note.  

why ORGANIC? Organically grown food is grown from nutrient dense soil that is comprised of approximately 60 different minerals, all of which your body is in need of on a daily basis to function optimally to keep you in good health. Conventionally grown food is often genetically modified (please google gmo-fed rats for reference on what gmo's can do to our bodies- rats & humans share 99% of the same genes), and uses 3 minerals to grow food- nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium. Yes, bone broth is stacked with mineral-rich goodness, but let's also buy our produce from reputable sources grown with integrity, and care. 

Love and Peace