Bone Broth Smoothie


This is hands down, one of the easiest and fastest ways to consume bone broth!

We have a super busy family, and when we're rushing to get out the door, my husband or I usually say "smoothie?" and whoever is ready quickest heads to the kitchen to whip up a delicious, nutrient-dense, mineral & collagen rich super-food bone broth smoothie for the whole family to enjoy!

To be honest, we don't usually make the same smoothie twice. We save apple skins, sweet potato peel, kale stems, and bananas in the freezer, and add in whatever we have on hand. 

Here is a sample smoothie recipe for you to try, but don't be shy to make your smoothie exactly how you like it, adding in some good 'ol bone broth to pack an extra immunity punch!

Eat your Greens

-1 banana

-2 cups of packed spinach, power greens, kale, or any other delicate green

-1 cup frozen berries or cherries

-1 cup High-Vibe bone broth OR Chocobroth

-1 tbsp maple syrup or local raw honey, or pinch of stevia, if needed to sweeten

Optional Add-ins

-fresh or frozen spirulina

-a couple tsps of your fav medicinal mushrooms 

-collagen peptides

-a scoop of your fav protein powder


-mct oil

-flax seed

-chia seed

Throw everything in your high-powered blender, adding in more bone broth or water as needed until you get your desired consistency

Bottoms UP!