BB Caesar Pops - 6 Pack
BB Caesar Pops - 6 Pack
BB Caesar Pops - 6 Pack
BB Caesar Pops - 6 Pack

BB Caesar Pops - 6 Pack

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Back for the summer & made to order! 

Our newest cold treat will have your taste buds satisfied & gut health in check. Bone Broth Caesar Pops will be your new go-to bevy for the summer. We've made it easy to enjoy your traditional caesar drink but with the added benefits of chicken bone broth. 

Sold as a pack of 6! 

Savor our BB Caesar Pops thawed with equal (½ cup) of clamato & poured oveer ice— Caesar Broth pops are perfectly seasoned! Optional: add an ounce of vodka or gin. 


  1. For a milder flavour, break into ice cube-sized pieces & add to your cocktail.
  2. For a stronger flavour, thaw completely & add to cocktail with ice. 

BB Caesar Pop Ingredients

  • Organic chicken bone broth
  • Worcestershire
  • Lime juice
  • Mellow Mama hot sauce (Carrots, Onions, Vinegar, Garlic, Lime Juice, Water, Sea Salt, Chili)
  • Sea Salt


Why choose us?
Health Focused

Our passion is people. The health and wellbeing of all humans is the driving force behind our business. Creating nourishment with love.

Local & Organic

We’re Alberta’s only certified organic bone broth company. We make highly nutritive and mineral rich bone broth, never taking shortcuts.